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Thanksgiving Visit Home Pt.4 (2013)

Well, seems like both my parents and myself made some friends while I was visiting. A group of feral cats have made under our house and porch their new home. Since then, My parents and the neighbors have been feeding and trapping and spaying/neutering them, which I think is just awesome. They dont bother anyone and help keep the vermin levels down so…let em stay! :) Plus the kittens were SO CURIOUS and photobombed a bunch of shots I took…LOL

As far as the big daddy tom cat goes, Im not quite sure what happened to him. He was VERY scared of people and was VERY injured as you can see. Its sad, but he more than likely did not make it.

November Thanksgiving Visit Home (2013)

Good Family, Good Friends, GOOD FOOD! I went back to Baytown, TX November 19th to stay a week with my parents for Thanksgiving. They did not disappoint! From day 1, the meat went on the pit - even though Thanksgiving was a little less than a week away! Beef Ribs, Brisket, and Turkey were meats of choice!

Feeling spiritual today. Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Taoism have always enthralled me. Something about the artwork just calms the senses. I love the bright colors of the Indian artistry and how it makes you feel happy just looking at it. The calming serene landscapes of the Asian portraits do much to ease away stress. I wish I knew more about them, especially from someone who knows about them first hand. I do miss that about Houston. There were so many people from so many parts of the globe there, especially India. :-/

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